We say Christmas is a festival of love and harmony, we throw an amazing party on this occasion and usually everybody enjoys the carnival except seniors. Children enjoy an array of cookies and cakes, seniors do not because of certain medical conditions. Adults find exchanging gifts as an interesting do in Xmas party, seniors do not because they already have those, to them, bits and pieces. It’s simply unfair towards them.

The most tempting thing for seniors is the engaging time they spend with their children and grandchildren or simply family. And well-planned-executed Xmas party games, specially designed for people in their prime of life, are best ways to treat them and express gratitude. Here are some dazzling ideas of Christmas games for senior citizens -

1. Guess Who Is In The Picture:

Simple to play. Ask seniors to bring a photo of their childhood. Collect those pictures at the beginning of party. Show pictures one by one and let the guests guess who is there in the photograph.

2. Tell A Tale:

Yet another simple game that seniors can play while sitting in chairs. This game will let everyone add fun, tragedy, romance, action, music and just infinite faces to the story, rather a game. Make your guests sit in a circle. Start with a Christmas themed story. Each person has to add a sentence to the earlier one. Enjoy the twists in story.

3. Once Upon A Time:

Make several chits with jovial topics written on them. For example first date, most romantic outing, best day you will like to live again and so on. Keep chits in a bowl. Start game with any random person. He/she has to pick a chit and talk for few minutes on given subject starting with once upon a time…
In reward he/she gets a chance to decide who next will speak. Game will continue till everyone is done with a dialogue.

4. Charades:

Quite common but best game for seniors as it doesn’t require extreme or too much physical movements. Charades can be played with a movie theme. Divide guests into two equal groups. One person will be given a name of any old movie (of their times) by player from another team and former one has to convey the same to his/her team by acting.

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